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Frida Baby Breathe Easy Kit




Take a breather. Boogers, snot, mucus, oh my! Give baby a break with the Breathe Easy Kit. BreatheFrida Vapor Wipes clean up pesky boogers on-the-go, while organic Vapor Rub and Vapor Drops provide soothing relief with natural essential oils that are safe for sensitive skin.

  • THREE SICK DAY ESSENTIALS to tackle snot and congestion so baby can breathe easy
  • BREATHEFRIDA THE VAPOR WIPES for snotty sniffers with benefits of a chest rub in fuss-free wipe form for the on-the-go convenience
  • BREATHEFRIDA THE VAPOR RUB is the soothing no-mess chest balm made with organic eucalyptus and lavender oils for sensitive skin
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